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A visit to CA and an MK camp in the NL

Door Evert Everts | 15 september 2008

Last week Rina and Evert went to Canada. They were invited by the missionboard of the FRMI (missionboad) to come and have a debriefing chat because their work in Cubulco came to a close. It was said that it is good to keep in touch. Therefore also another English news article on our website. By an automatic link it will appear on our Facebook page as well.

We are very grateful that we were able to make this visit. We had a good conversation with the missionboard. A lot of things went through our mind about living and working in Cubulco. There have been struggles and difficult times, but most of all it was a good time. We thank the Lord that we had the opportunity to be part of His work in Guatemala. We will keep the good memories.
It was very special for us to be able to attend the commissioning service of Ken and Jennifer VanMinnen in Chatham. We are glad to know them also from their visit to Cubulco last year. We pray that their zeal for Cubulco, especially the children, will be a great blessing for the people and the church. We heard also about the weblog of the Wilfred and Sharon Bout. We are glad for the joyful text and pictures we could review.
For the rest we had good moments with Rev. and Mrs. Pronk in Brantford, Peter and Ludy Luth in Dresden ON, John and Connie Otten and children, uncle and aunt Jan and Tinie Benjamins in Hamilton, with their daughter Cathy and George Lubbers, Chris and Joanne Otten in Wellandport, the Postma’s and VanderMeyden’s in Vineland, in the Vineland and the Fenwick FRC church on Sunday.

Our children Gesine, Gerieke and Erwin attended the MK focus camp in Ermelo. MK focus is a workgroup of the EZA (Evangelische Zendingsalliantie) that organizes activities for missionkids. They had a great time with 40 other teens. The fellowship with other MK’s give special experiences. Although the children don’t know each other mostly, it is easy to get along soon. Some examples.

The children said that the kids did a lot of English talking between them. They liked it very much that they did it, especially that nobody made them strange looks, as happens a lot on school.
There was a boy that had lived his whole life in Chili. It seemed that he always did talk Spanish, also at home. He had difficulty talking Dutch. That was also the reason that he did not want to pray in the circle. Erwin said to him: you can do it in Spanish if you like; then I will do that too. Then the boy did join in prayer.

There were several activities. For example the leader did show a stone, and asked the children: what is the first thing you think about when you look at this stone? Several mission experiences were mentioned. There was also a ‘bonte avond’ (talents night?). In groups the children did some drama about several themes.

The children did write names and text on a t-shirt that they could take home. One did write:

Living in the world out there
Seems scary to people here.
But don’t you think people out there
think the same about living here?
Us MK’s combine the two worlds.

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