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Deputies FRMI visit Cubulco

Door Evert Everts | 9 januari 2008

Read the weblog of brother Rick Postma. He will keep you all up-to-date about the visit he and pastor Hans Overduin make in Guatemala.

BTW. The same day the FRMI deputies arrived we left our son Evert, Evert sr.’s youngest brother Jan and his wife Marjolein in the airport of Guatemala-City. They are back in the Netherlands after a nice time with us. These days we did buy tickets for our return to the Netherlands. The cheapest route consists of four flights: Guatemala – Houston – New York – London – Amsterdam. It will be a long trip, but on April 9th at 13.50 we hope to arrive.

We hope that the Lord will bless our last months in Cubulco and help us also with the transition to the Netherlands. We trust in Him, as He has showed his mercy also in different ways these days. For example, we got another 90 days permit to stay in Guatemala; it looks like that we will have a house to live in the Netherlands; perhaps the most important is that He has provided for families that will continue serving Him in Cubulco.

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