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Mother’s day in Guatemala

Door Evert Everts | 16 juni 2006

Update from Cubulco (from Rina Everts): Mother’s day in Guatemala is always the 10th of May. It’s an important day here. Some cars early in the morning honk their horns to wish the mothers a blessing. There were also singing children in the street. The schools have a special program that takes the whole day. In our country there are many moms who have to bring up their kids on their own because they are not married, are divorced or are widows. Many married moms also have to bring up their children alone because their husbands are working in the States or for months at the coast. That effects the church too! But what a blessing when moms bring their children to the Lord Jesus (Mark 10: 13-16).. and thereby have a blessed Mother’s day, like the cars in the street in the early morning were saying.

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